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Kustom Approach

My wife, Jodi and I are a Christian couple who enjoy doing and making nice things for others. For years Jodi has baked pies, breads, & entire meals for folks as well as sew and bead.

Our aim is simply to make personalized treasure for your home or office that will allow part of our home to come to yours.

To that end, we use only local cedar and hard woods. All of our lumber is cut and milled within a 10 mile radius.

We hope you will enjoy the product that we make for you.

Our Kustom Story 

It was a motorcycle rally in North Carolina many years ago, when I watched a guy making signs for passersby, when I first considered sign making. Through the years, family life and truck driving kept that spark on the back burner.

Now, things are different in our lives and the opportunity presented itself in the spring of 2016.

I cut and milled a number of cedars from our own property and remodeled our living room with that home grown cedar. There were a number of short scraps left over and the rest is history.

My wife and I have been making signs and a host of other wooden products since that day. It is most gratifying to be able to make these products and see the customers faces when they pick up their orders.

God be thanked for the way he blesses us each day.

Our Soldier Son

Our wonderful son is currently serving in the U.S. Army. Just recently re-upping again for additional years of service, he sees himself making a career out of the military.


As he looks ahead he hopes to take his years of service and apply that experience to a law enforcement career beyond his military service.

His mother and I have seen him grow and become a solid patriot as the years tick by and it is nothing short of a privilege to be able to display his photo here and tell our visitors how much he is loved.

We support our troops!


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